Guide to Best Luxury Bedding Essentials

Sarah: Guide to Best Luxury Bedding Essentials

Luxurious bedding is often described in terms of elegant bed products created by well known, trendy designer brands like Waverly, Nautica, Ralph Lauren, Waterford, Calvin Klein, Quicksilver and much more. Bedding essentials and bedding ensembles in the latest styles have set the tone for high-end items such as comforters, featherbeds, bed toppers, pillows, duvets, sheets, complete bedding sets, quilts and best mattress. Check out all HERE 

Does ‘luxury’ status, guarantee that it’s the best accessory for you?

Guide to Best Luxury Bedding Essentials

While it’s true that high-end bedding accessories are generally thought of in terms of stylishness and top quality, there is really more to consider than simply that, if you want to get the most from this type of bedroom essential. Frankly, just because a product is taunted as being a ‘luxury’ item, doesn’t guarantee that it will be comfortable, durable, healthy for you and of the overall best quality for your money.

For consumers who really want the best that their money can buy, choosing the best product comes down to comparing not only quality and reputation of the designer, but also materials, maintenance requirements, and your personal requirements for proper rest, which can sometimes be dependent upon health issues.

First Things First

So, with that in mind, choosing luxurious bedding should always be based on what’s best for you, first, rather than beauty or cost.

General Types of Luxury Materials

Since there are so many different types of materials and fibers that are used to create products for the home, what types are considered to be more luxurious than others? The top materials associated with sleep luxury generally goose down, natural latex, organic wool, cotton, or silk.

  • Down – Down bedding accessories are obviously some of the most preferred types of bedroom products that many people love. In fact, as stated in some of our other articles, this particular material has traditionally set the standard for high-end bed products for both the home and in luxurious hotels worldwide. But there are many factors to look at to determine if this material is right for you, including health issues such as allergies or other considerations, maintenance requirements, cost and comfort issues. Goose down accessories can be found in both cheap or high-end products, but high end down is always best.
  • Natural Latex – Did you know that all-natural, latex bedding is one of the best luxury materials on which to sleep? This is not to be confused with synthetic foam mattresses, toppers or pillows, but this is the material that is harvested from natural rubber trees and processed naturally with either the Dunlop or Talalay method. The end results are latex pillows, mattresses, toppers and other accessories that are durable, healthy, comfortable, and easily maintained. Don’t underestimate the luxury of latex for your next bedding item.
  • Wool – Wool is another material that is often underestimated or that little is known about its superb qualities when used in bedding, such as covers, toppers, mattress pads or quilts. It is particularly useful for health purposes and for its durability. Many people who suffer from allergies to other types of products, can enjoy the comfort of an item such as a healthy, wool topper.
  • Organic Cotton – All natural cotton bedding has always been known for its especially practical use for those who suffer from lots of allergies, chemical sensitivities, asthma or other health issues. It has no allergens associated with the material, other than keeping it clean from dust mites. Also, a high-end quality cotton bed item such as mattress pads, sheets, or duvet covers will last for a long time and is easily cleaned by washing it over and over again.
  • Silk – Many bedroom essentials can be found that are either filled or covered with fine quality silk material. This material is also highly hypoallergenic, lasts a long time if maintained properly and can be extremely comfortable. It is, of course, a high-end material that is often expensive, but if you compare shop, especially through online stores, you can easily find discount prices for exquisite silk comforters and other bedroom accessories.

These are generally the most often selected, luxury materials used to design and create some of the best bedding for luxury living. However, you will find that sometimes products will be constructed with a blend of these materials, which also results in a great product that can help you sleep better.

It’s true that luxurious bedroom products will generally cost a bit more than moderately priced items created from other fibers, but you will be rewarded with a better night’s sleep, more comfortable bedroom living and durable quality that is well worth the extra money.

Don’t Forget!

But don’t forget it’s pretty easy to find high-end items for your bedroom that are discounted or that cost much less when you compare 2 or 3 shops online. The smart shopper usually gets the best luxury bedding at the best prices!



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