Best Mattress 2018 Leesa vs Amerisleep vs Sapira vs Yogabed vs Cocoon

Choosing a mattress is sometimes a difficult decision and you must consider critically. The questions you have to answer is that: “Do you and your spouse have any spinal problems?, Do you have any allergies to rubber, rubber smell?, What financial ability would you like to spend on this item? Here are some items of your choice for the best sleep. Good mattresses offer better sleep, because when your sleep will be stable, smooth vibration when moving, turning when lying on the cushion. See more:

All of the mattresses help to protect the spine, also it is suitable for people with back pain.  Moreover, these kinds of mattresses will help your spine stay in a natural state to help relieve fatigue when you lie down. That makes your whole body anatomy – the best one to sleep on.

Best Mattresses in 2018:

It’s include Leesa vs Amerisleep vs Sapira vs Yogabed vs Cocoon mattress. See Top 4 Best mattresses Under $1000

Best Mattress 2018 Leesa vs Amerisleep vs Sapira vs Yogabed vs Cocoon

What does Leesa Mattress offer?

Leesa is a Germany brand which offers many high-end quality products.You can completely trust the quality, sale policy of this brand on Amazon market.

Leesa is covered with 3 foam layers, they are 2” of Avena foam, the middle layer is 2” of memory foam. The bottom layer is a 6-inch support foam base. The great content helps to give you the best feeling during the night. The memory foam is made to enhance its durability with a perfect breathability and resilience.

Pros of the Leesa mattress

  • Fits 3 sleeping position: Back and stomach or side sleeping will all be good, It does a good job of keeping the spine aligned so you wake up with the refreshed feeling.
  • Change positions while sleeping: The bounce conveniently allows to adjust your position without interference.
  • Breathability: With latex-foam, This offers good temperature regulation and breathability which guard your sleep against the overheating.
  • Balance: Avena foam gives Leesa excellent bounce to the top layer. Due to the combination of great bounce and pressure

Cons of this mattress

Which does AmeriSleep special?

After a long hard day all you definitely want to lie down on your bed and have a good night’s sleep which helps you to recharge the energy as well. To achieve this, you need to have a mattress that will suit your needs and fit your budget at the same time and AmerSleep is your priority choice.

A number of benefits you can get

  • Relief the pressure: The contents of the mattress which gives you extra comfort and also gives it the ability to withstand pressure. Moreover, the high-end quality of foam prevents it from caving under pressure.
  • Fits the bed frame perfectly: This mattress is made to fit the bed perfectly, so you won’t encounter the usual problem of having space in the corners, unlike with other mattresses. It does firmly and snugly fit in your bed frame.
  • Solution for health: Protects your vertebrae, some people underestimate the stress that sleeping in the wrong position or more seriously on the wrong mattress which can do harm to your spine. This feature may be a special point for your sleep.

The bit little disadvantages

  • People might not know how to unpack it.
  • Suits few styles.

What does the cocoon Mattress have?

The Cocoon is the bed in a box offering from mattress industry giant Sealy. This all foam mattress comes in two different firmness levels and is delivered directly to your door. It also delivers many benefits to your health, your good sleep every single day. Let’s check its pros and cons.

The good sides:

  • No frills mattress: Cocoon have basic design as pairs a memory foam comfort layer with a high-density base layer, so, it create a firm feel for the sleeper. It would fit your sleep every stage of life.
  • Short term solution: The Cocoon could be an affordable choice for the transition period. It is good for financial ability.
  • Suits stomach sleeper: This is definitely a specific point of the Cocoon Firm version.
  • Many choices: You can opt out the firm or soft version which suits your health situations.

Cons of the mattress

It does fit people who have a tendency to choose one for a long-term.

Why Sapira?

The Sapira Mattress has something in common with the Lessa brand. If you “fall in love” with the Leesa, Sapira may be a great alternative. The Sapira is a brand new hybrid mattress designed to be the ultimate in luxury for the true expert of sleep. This brand is typical that it uses great materials which result in good durability and provides a feel that a lot of sleepers will like. It’s a really unique and compelling offer for the luxury mattress shopper that overall I do recommend.

The outstanding points of the mattress

  • Fits a stomach sleeper or back pain sleeper: The firmness of the Sapira is better than average. You definitely feel really good to have it every night.
  • Conveniently sexual activities: If you sleep with a partner, The firm and edge support which helps to have great nights.
  • The support system: It is exceptional in this mattress.
  • Good Responsiveness: The Sapira will help you does not feel like you get stuck and overly enveloped by Sapira Mattress
  • A Long-Term purchase


  • Some side sleepers may think it’s a tad bit firm.
  • Does fit people who do not like the sinking in the Memory foam.
  • Costs you an arm and leg.

Which will be the good points of YogaBed?

The Yogabed is unboxing company, the ship directly to your door, this is a plus of this brand. The most unique points of this mattress is that it has a specific foam layer making it a bit “springier”. They often have coupons running as well to either reduce the price or provide gifts.

The plus points of the YogaBed Mattress

  • Good response and springy feel: Very responsive design offers the instant response foam that represents the top layer of the. It is definitely springier than the conventional mattress which has slow reactions.
  • A slightly firmer than average feel
  • Cool feeling during the night: The YogaGel layer was designed differently to prevent the mattress from heat.
  • A good value: You will get free shipping and two free Yogabed pillows when purchasing. The quality deserves your value.

The cons of the Yogabed Mattress

  • You don’t get from Yogabed the traditional innerspring mattress feel.
  • It does not offer a memory foam specific feel.

Top 5 Best Mattresses 2018


You will be impressed by the construction, the good and a little bit cons of these mattresses.  It does offer a good value, it completely depends on your preference. Finally, I believe my interview will best information for you. Good luck.

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