4 Must do on a Mekong Delta Tour

For its strategic point, the tour of Vietnam is something to remember for ages. One is worth particular note is Mekong Delta. The rich culture, the taste of the local cuisine and the friendly population are some of the areas you often hear on the lips of visitors.

For others, Vietnam is another heaven with the Mekong being the perfect point to move away from the daily bustles of life and mix with nature.  Embodying the spirit of Vietnam, visiting the country without tasting what the Delta has on offer is a complete waste.

Mekong Delta is one of the many leisure spots in Vietnam for several reasons. Being set up on the extensive water body alone makes the area a worthy place to pay a visit.

But that is not all; the delta tour comes with various breathtaking views that visitors would be interested. Though various sightseeing encounters may be your attraction, the tour of Mekong Delta (http://www.atravelmate.com/mekong-delta-tours/) has a basket of goodies.

4 Must do on a Mekong Delta Tour – You Need

Some of the four areas of Mekong that one may need to venture into including the following areas;

Cai Rang Floating Market cruise

Taking the Cai Rang Floating Market cruise

Here in the delta, you can have an experience of a lifetime as you go around the rice paddies of the Mekong on a cruise boat. For starters, this 4-hour cruise on the sampan will take you right into the natural realm of the Delta and Vietnam in particular.

You get to see the rich mix of tradition as you pass the string of stilted houses. However, the chance to visit the canal of Mekong, the traditional rice fields of Vietnam and an opportunity to sample the fruits of Vietnam makes the tour worth your time and money.

Most of the cruise sampan cruises leave the Ninh Kieu Wharf in Can Tho in the morning. It is therefore important to plan your tour of the area in advance with your guide. Because you will be passing the market, have some money with you, you may need something.

Two a Visit the Tho Ben Tre

Two a Visit the Tho Ben Tre

Tho Ben Tre is considered a must do if you ever want an interesting tour. From Ho Chi Minh City, you can have access to the high point to visit in Vietnam the Tho Ben Tre. About ride through the Mekong Delta will bring you to the different reality of tradition and culture in Ho Chi Minh City.

Here, you can have the exclusive pleasure of a boat ride along the alleys of the city. If you just love leisure, why not walk through the villages or better still take a sampan through the unicorn canal to the other side of town.

Here, you can have an evening rest at the various hotels in Ho Chi Minh City. Visiting this area will bring you to the reality with the delicious taste of Vietnamese candy and fruits. You may as well sample the local cuisines that comprise the Tai tuong fried fish, shrimps and rolls.

It is the fact that you can have your say in the type of candy you want as you get the chance to try making them here.  Taking as troll along the streets, you get the friendly Vietnamese hospitality with the multiple servings of fresh coconut milk that are all yours for the picking.

But your visit will not be complete without paying a visit to the Vinh Trang Pagoda, an ancient religious site.

A visit to the famous An Khanh area

For those who love to take life easy, visiting A Khanh area of Mekong by boat will spice up the tour. Here, you have an opportunity to listen to the various forms of Vietnamese songs while taking lunch in a reclusive flower garden.

As if that is not enough, get away from the world as the coconut trees in An Khanh provides an excellent cover for a comfortable feel while here. You have great scenery here with the old Vinh Trang Pagoda and a classic view of the fishing villages along the river forming part of the plan.

Pay a Visit Cham Island

Pay a Visit Cham Island

Arranging a visit to the Cham Islands will surely serve as a wrap up of your tour of Mekong. Boats that go to the island move from Da Nang. Cruising around the island will give you a glimpse of the Cu Lao Cham Marine Park and the Cua Dai pier.

However, there is more to the island as it embodies a great taste of Vietnamese history with the magnificent sights of Au Hai Tang Pagoda, Thuyen, and Ong Temple forming some places to visit.

Most of the arrangements to visit this area involve a full day plan that allows the visitor to walk the Cham beaches while also getting a chance to sample the rich local cuisine. Afternoons on the island goes well when you go for a refreshing dive into the clear water of Cham Island

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